Credit Card Processing!

In an ongoing effort to make the clinic as accessible as possible we have joined the 21st century and now accept credit and debit cards. This will make payment more convenient to many folks and enable the lucky ones who have an HSA debit card to use their HSA funds directly. We are using Square and it is set up as part of the self serve payment system we already have in place. We have instructions on how to use it up front in the payment area.

July Special: Artists and Musicians

$15 acupuncture treatments for Artists and Musicians throughout July. We are missing Prince and this special is in his memory and honor. He made the world a better place through his music and art. Please spread the word about our special so we can give some extra love to all the artists and musicians in our community this July.

Wednesday Expanded Hours

We are excited to announce that we have expanded our Wednesday hours!  We will now be open all day on Wednesdays with no break in between shifts. We are happy to now be open from 10 am to 8pm. Ninah will be working in the clinic from 10am-2:30pm and Jenn will be working from 2:30pm-8pm. This means Wednesday is a great day for drop-in appointments! Please help us make this a bustling shift by coming in and also telling your friends and family! We’ll help you get through the mid week slump with a relaxing, renewing Wednesday acu-nap.

Welcome new practitioner

We are excited to announce that we have community acupuncturist extraordinaire Jenn Holley L.Ac., joining our team at the clinic. She will be taking over our Wednesday evening shift. Jenn was a founding member of Circle Community Acupuncture here in SF and has worked in numerous community acupuncture clinics throughout Northern California. Jenn is a wonderful practitioner and human being. You will be in very good hands with her and we are so happy and grateful to have here with us! Welcome Jenn!

Jenn Holley, L.Ac.

Jenn graduated from the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco. She is a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist and has practiced acupuncture in San Francisco and the Santa Cruz area since 2007.  When Jenn first heard of the then-young Community Acupuncture movement while still in school, she knew she had to become a part of it and has been a full-time community acupuncturist ever since.  When she’s not working she can be found riding her bike, hugging trees, reading in the sun, and hanging out with her dog Emmy and cat Connor.


Our goal at Community Acupuncture Works is simple — to provide quality acupuncture at affordable prices. Acupuncture in America has come a long way towards social and scientific acceptance in the past few decades. Those that could afford it have enjoyed the many health and relaxation benefits that acupuncture provides. But for most of us, the cost of the usual acupuncture treatment has become prohibitively expensive.

Looking for a way to make acupuncture more affordable, the pioneers at Portland, Oregon’s Working Class Acupuncture created the community-acupuncture business model. In community acupuncture clinics, patients receive care in a group setting while resting in a comfortable reclining chair. This treatment model allows us to give effective, individual treatments while seeing multiple patients per hour, which brings our costs down.

Given the rising cost of health care and the general state of the economy today, we believe that providing affordable acupuncture to all is more important than ever. We are at the beginning of a health care revolution in which acupuncture, made affordable, will play a crucial role.

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New client paperwork

For your convenience, you can download the new client paperwork to complete and bring to your first session. If you have any questions, leave that portion blank and you will discuss it with your acupuncturist during your session.