Friday Oct. 13th Cupping Shift Closed

Due to Eric’s school schedule the cupping shift will be closed Friday October 13th but will be back next Friday October 20th.

October Special: Health Care Workers

$15 acupuncture treatments for Health Care Workers throughout October. Nurses, health care aids, dentists, physician assistants, EMT’s, doctors. We appreciate the hard work you do and want to offer support through acupuncture. Please spread the word so we can give some extra TLC to all of the health care workers in our community.


Our goal at Community Acupuncture Works is simple — to provide quality acupuncture at affordable prices. Acupuncture in America has come a long way towards social and scientific acceptance in the past few decades. Those that could afford it have enjoyed the many health and relaxation benefits that acupuncture provides. But for most of us, the cost of the usual acupuncture treatment has become prohibitively expensive.

Looking for a way to make acupuncture more affordable, the pioneers at Portland, Oregon’s Working Class Acupuncture created the community-acupuncture business model. In community acupuncture clinics, patients receive care in a group setting while resting in a comfortable reclining chair. This treatment model allows us to give effective, individual treatments while seeing multiple patients per hour, which brings our costs down.

Given the rising cost of health care and the general state of the economy today, we believe that providing affordable acupuncture to all is more important than ever. We are at the beginning of a health care revolution in which acupuncture, made affordable, will play a crucial role.

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