Special: Two for One Saturdays in April

This is how it works:

1) Schedule an appointment for yourself on any Saturday in April and leave a note in the comment section with your friend’s name that you will be coming in with.

2) Schedule a consecutive appointment for your friend and leave a note that they are coming with you.

3) Come in for your acupuncture treatment together and pay for one treatment along the sliding scale splitting the cost with your friend.

*New patient fee will still apply

Upcoming Schedule Changes

A few upcoming schedule details.  Claudia will be subbing for Mandy on Wednesday April 15th (4pm-8pm), and Mandy will be subbing for Claudia on Monday April 20th (3pm-8pm). We will be closed Saturday April 18th for the Cesar Chavez Festival that takes place along 24th street.  The stage is set up directly in front of the clinic so it’s a little loud for acupuncture, but, come and check out the festival, it starts at 12 noon. We will also be closed Saturday May 23rd for Carnival which also takes place right along 24th street in front of the clinic.

UCSF Osher Center Study @ Community Acupuncture Works

UCSF Osher Center is making use of the Community Acupuncture Works clinic space to conduct a study focusing on group acupuncture. The study is taking place during Community Acupuncture Works off hours. Our clinic hours will not change during the course of the study. The study started at the beginning of March and will likely continue through September. This is a wonderful use of the clinic space during our off hours. The study is, however, separate from Community Acupuncture Works. When the clinic space is in use for the study the gate will be closed. We ask that you kindly refrain from disturbing the study practitioners and patients.   Please feel free to  grab a brochure or email or call us with any questions regarding Community Acupuncture Works and we will get back to you as quickly as possible. Go acupuncture!

Upcoming Clinic Changes

New year and new faces at the clinic.  Claudia Lehan, L.Ac.,  is joining our Community Acupuncture Works team. She will be starting her first shift on Saturday February 7th.  Claudia will be taking over Mandy’s Saturday shift as well as Spenta’s Monday shift.  Please read Claudia’s bio below and come in for a treatment with this wonderful practitioner.  She’s a real gem and great acupuncturist.  Mandy will still be here for her Wednesday evening shift so you will be able to continue to receive her wonderful care here at CA Works. Spenta will no longer be working at the clinic on a regular basis but if you are lucky you will see her  here and there in the event that she subs for us. Spenta is off working and traveling in the Middle East next month and then will be setting up shop in Oakland.  Spenta wishes to pass along that she loved her time here at the clinic and working with all of you! We are so grateful that we had her here at the clinic for the past year and wish her all the very best.

Introducing Claudia Lehan, L.Ac.

Claudia became interested in acupuncture after experiencing some of the unexpected benefits of the medicine after treatment for a minor injury. Amazed at the deep relaxation and general feeling of wellness, along with improved immunity and sleep, she became very curious about how acupuncture works.
After many years of work in a very different career at a film co-op, she segued into studies at the American College of Traditional Chinese Medicine in San Francisco, earning a Masters of Science and becoming a licensed acupuncturist. She is also nationally certified as a Diplomat of Oriental Medicine, which includes credentials for acupuncture and herbal medicine.
Claudia received her undergrad degree in Social Theory and Political Economics from University of Massachusetts, Amherst.  With a background in social justice issues, as well as years of social work and community-based projects, community style acupuncture allows her to practice acupuncture while supporting a progressive socio/economic approach to health care.

When not working, Claudia can be found biking, reading, taking long walks with friends, or at the movies.


Our goal at Community Acupuncture Works is simple — to provide quality acupuncture at affordable prices. Acupuncture in America has come a long way towards social and scientific acceptance in the past few decades. Those that could afford it have enjoyed the many health and relaxation benefits that acupuncture provides. But for most of us, the cost of the usual acupuncture treatment has become prohibitively expensive.

Looking for a way to make acupuncture more affordable, the pioneers at Portland, Oregon’s Working Class Acupuncture created the community-acupuncture business model. In community acupuncture clinics, patients receive care in a group setting while resting in a comfortable reclining chair. This treatment model allows us to give effective, individual treatments while seeing multiple patients per hour, which brings our costs down.

Given the rising cost of health care and the general state of the economy today, we believe that providing affordable acupuncture to all is more important than ever. We are at the beginning of a health care revolution in which acupuncture, made affordable, will play a crucial role.

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New client paperwork

For your convenience, you can download the new client paperwork to complete and bring to your first session. If you have any questions, leave that portion blank and you will discuss it with your acupuncturist during your session.