About Community Acupuncture

Community acupuncture simply means that treatments are not delivered in private treatment rooms but in a quiet common area. Treatments are given in comfortable reclining chairs, with needles placed primarily along the legs, feet, arms, hands, face, and head. The group setting allows us to see multiple patients per hour while still giving you personalized care. This, in turn, makes it possible for us to keep our fees lower and make acupuncture available to a greater number of people. Based on the sustainable business model pioneered by Working Class Acupuncture in Portland OR, Community Acupuncture Works gives you effective, quality, affordable acupuncture care in a calm and relaxing communal environment.

Acupuncture is most effective with regular and more frequent treatment. With the high cost of one on one private treatment it has become the norm in
America to receive acupuncture only once a week at best. This is usually not frequent enough for many conditions and prohibits most of us from experiencing the full potential of acupuncture’s effectiveness. Our low cost sliding scale allows you to come in regularly and frequently enough to feel results quicker and maintain better health.

Many patients find that receiving acupuncture in a group setting is preferable to private treatments. The group setting allows family and friends to come in together for treatment and there is a collective energy generated in the group treatment environment that enhances each treatment and benefits healing. There is also something very nice about relaxing amongst our peers especially given the fast paced, hectic world we live in today.