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 Ninah will be avilable for in office acupuncture treatments on Fridays at Five Pins Project

Starting Friday November 6th Ninah will be available for in office acupuncture treatments at Five Pins Project on Guerrero. Appointments available online. Ninah is also available for backyard or home visits. Please call to schedule. Please stay tuned for an updated website and more offerings to come...

We are now offering telehealth appointments via a HIPAA compliant platform! We 're able to recommend a variety of treatments with an overall goal of empowering you to care for yourself during this challenging time.



To everyone who donated to us during the shelter in place - thank you so very much. Your contributions helped immensely by enabling us to pay for some of the clinics ongoing expenses. We are extremely grateful. 


Thank you!

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Our goal at Community Acupuncture Works is simple — to provide quality acupuncture at affordable prices. Acupuncture has come a long way towards social and scientific acceptance in the last few decades. Those that could afford it have enjoyed the many health and relaxation benefits that acupuncture provides. But for most of us, the cost of the usual acupuncture treatment has become prohibitively expensive.

In community acupuncture clinics, patients receive care in a group setting while resting in a comfortable reclining chair. This treatment model allows us to give effective, individual treatments while seeing multiple patients per hour, which brings our prices down. 


Community Acupuncture

Acupuncture in a quiet group setting

Community acupuncture simply means that treatments are not delivered in private treatment rooms but in a quiet common area. Treatments are given in comfortable reclining chairs, with needles placed primarily along the legs, feet, arms, hands, face, and head. The group setting allows us to see multiple patients per hour while still giving you personalized care. This, in turn, makes it possible for us to keep our fees lower and make acupuncture available to a greater number of people. Community Acupuncture Works gives you effective, quality, affordable acupuncture care in a calm and relaxing communal environment.

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With Ewa Litauer

Reiki (pronounced RAY-key) means universal life energy in Japanese. The art of Reiki is a system of gentle vibrational healing that was established by Dr. Usui from Japan in the late 19th century. 

Reiki practice is a subtle energy therapy that is most commonly facilitated by light touch,  and is believed to balance and strengthen the body's ability to heal itself. Reiki treats the whole person and is practiced while you are lying on a table wearing loose, comfortable clothing. You may perceive a pulsing or tingling sensation, a feeling of warmth and comfort, and/or relaxation. 

Reiki can be used to reduce physical and emotional pain, to calm the mind and experience deep relaxation, to assist in times of transition, grief and life changes as well as improve immune and nervous system functioning.  

Reiki is a safe and soothing way to tap into your own healing energy/ability and people experience a session as relaxing and calming - not just for the time being but also in its after-effects.



With Pablo McCord

Pablo McCord was raised in Santa Fe, New Mexico where he began his career in bodywork in 1996, attending the New Mexico Academy of Healing Arts. After finishing the massage program, Pablo moved to Southern California where he attained certification, began his practice, and continued his education through workshops and training.

In 2005 Pablo moved to the Bay Area to attend the National Holistic Institute where he expanded his knowledge of Eastern modalities and deep tissue techniques. After graduating with honors in 2007, he moved to San Francisco and began working at Schizandra Health Center as their lead massage therapist. From there Pablo went on to start his own practice in 2010 at Diamondwood Medical Arts, where he has been serving a devoted clientele from allover the Bay Area ever since. After a recent 3 year sabbatical in Colombia, where Pablo became a fluent Spanish speaker, he has returned to the Bay Area and is seeing clients in the Santa Cruz area as well. Pablo believes deeply in the healing benefits of massage and is excited to offer his work at 

Community Acupuncture Works where a greater number of people can access the benefits of his work.

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