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We are now offering telehealth appointments. Traditional Chinese Medicine has many tools to effectively treat a wide variety of conditions. We’ll offer acupressure point prescriptions for your most pressing concern, and depending on what your symptoms are, may recommend grounding techniques, dietary advice, ear seeds, moxa, self-adhesive pellets and more. Our goal is to empower you to care for yourself.


For now, Telehealth appointments are available only for existing CAW patients. 


Telehealth appointments are via a HIPAA compliant platform, and are available in 30 minute and 15 minute slots. 30 minute appointments are for our Initial telehealth visit, where we discuss your top concern and give an initial treatment plan. 15 minute follow up telehealth appointments allow us to track how you're doing and offer modifications as needed.

How it works:

  1. Book your Telehealth appointment online. Enter credit card info and in the notes section enter the amount along the sliding scale you want to pay. 

  2. Email us at with your top concern and goal

  3. Right before your scheduled appointment time, look in your email for an appointment link and click the link to join our waiting room. See you there!

  4. Our usual 24 hour cancellation policy applies. Thank you for your understanding.


45 minute Telehealth Appointment:

  • $75

30 minute Telehealth Appointment:

  • $50


15 minute Telehealth Appointment:

  • $30



As this is a new endeavor we may need to modify our fees as we better understand costs and time requirements

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